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“Having a child with a learning difference is a lesson in always holding your breath. Will they succeed? Will their school be able to meet their needs? Will they get the assistance they need to grow educationally as well as socially?  When we enrolled our son Charlie in REACH Elementary School it was as though we could finally exhale.  In his time at REACH, we have seen Charlie’s academic skills grow exponentially, but, even better, we have watched his confidence soar. The amazing teachers at REACH have helped him grow into a confident learner who understands that while his educational path may look different, he as a student is valuable, worthy, capable, and appreciated." -REACH Parent

"REACH has been a transformative experience for our son. Despite our challenges in the traditional school system, we knew he had the capability to be successful.” –REACH Parent

“At REACH, our son has been more confident, happier and excelling academically. We have been thrilled with his performance at REACH, but more importantly, our son is finally getting the support he needs to be the best student and person he can be.” –REACH Parent

“Thanks to the REACH faculty and philosophy, our son isn’t just achieving his potential, he is exceeding it.” –REACH Parent

“Wow pretty much sums up our year. In the midst of so much uncertainty, we have never been so certain that our son is in the right place. REACH – everything about it and especially the teachers –

has completely exceeded our expectations.” –REACH Parent

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