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Middle School Program

Several unique features of REACH enable each student to be confident and successful throughout the school day, the semester and the year:

  • Serving students who benefit from small classes and targeted learning support

  • Designing a personal academic program for each student

  • Incorporating Social Thinking and the UCLA PEERS program into each day’s schedule in order to prepare students to communicate effectively

  • Focuses on executive functioning skills to enable students to be prepared for high school

Remediation & Acceleration 

Students are placed in groups for reading, writing and math based on diagnostic assessment. Groups are not formed in specific grades, but instead are designed to strengthen skills at the developmental level of each student. Students may be working above or below grade level in any given subject. 

Learning Blocks 

Each core subject offers support during learning blocks. During these scheduled times, students may have guided study time with a teacher or work on independent design or research projects.


Social Skills


Social curricula such as Social Thinking and the UCLA PEERS program prepare students to communicate effectively, nurture friendships and solve problems in a collaborative manner and to regulate their emotions. 

Club Electives 


Clubs vary each semester depending on meeting the passions of students. Some examples are horticulture, culinary arts, fine arts, music, coding and robotics.



Students are encouraged to take ownership of who they are as learners with both talents and challenges, and advocate for themselves. Self-advocacy is met with respect and encouragement by REACH’s faculty. 


Universal Design  

REACH students receive accommodations through Universal Design, which means that all students benefit from what one students benefits from. These include untimed tests, sensory seating/breaks, use of technology  etc.

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