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History of REACH School

REACH Elementary School opened its doors in September 2019 with ten students from grades 2-5. REACH’s program was carefully designed to meet the needs of students who have academic and/or social challenges, while offering an independent school experience. Moving into our second year, REACH is opening grades 6 and 7 for both new and existing students. 


REACH is affiliated with Rolling Hills Preparatory School “RHP” and Renaissance Schools “Ren;” both are middle and high schools.  Rolling Hills Prep School was established as an independent not-for-profit school in 1981 with the idea that a school could prepare young people for success and happiness in college and beyond without burning them out in the process. A little over two decades later, the trustees of Rolling Hills Preparatory School established the Renaissance School, which was created to give the gift of time to students who face challenges learning in a traditional classroom setting. 


REACH was founded in order to expand the opportunity of an individualized curriculum to elementary-aged students. As students move on to middle school, many students will be prepared for the rigors of the Renaissance/RHP program; others will best be served in REACH Middle School.  

Our Schools have been designed to serve ALL of our amazing children, and serve them appropriately and respectfully with the right program. For more information about Rolling Hills Prep & Renaissance please visit their website. 

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