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I am thrilled to be joining Rolling Hills Prep, Renaissance, and REACH Schools as Head of Schools during the 40th Year Celebration of Rolling Hills Prep’s founding. I was attracted to these schools because I saw an approach to education and community that was innovative, unique, and inclusive with plenty of opportunities in the future. In my 27-year career in education, I have never seen a community so willing to embrace crucial elements of individualized learning that empower and support a broad range of student profiles, such as Specialized Diplomas for students with a passion in specific subject areas and world-class support and programming for learning differences.


Beyond exemplary educational practices, I am continually impressed by the deeply connected community that binds our three schools together through a shared sense of Husky spirit. Even before I assumed my role, I saw no-cut athletic and performing arts programs that endured a pandemic to have successful seasons and performances. I was able to experience virtual events, such as STEM Week, the online Art Show, and a fun Grill and Chill Gala that combined fundraising with a cook-along experience. In my first few weeks of being on campus, I was able to witness our varsity boys’ basketball team win the CIF Southern Section Championship, which felt like a symbol of this community’s drive to come together as Huskies, persevere through adversity, and celebrate our united efforts.


In addition to the 40th year milestone for RHP, this year brings a lot of hope and highlights numerous opportunities and potential developments that will continue to hone the numerous qualities that make our schools great. We have the opportunity to both reflect on our historical achievements while looking toward the future by building stronger connections and a more united identity among the three schools. Education is always at the forefront of our institutional drive and I believe that we are positioned to show the benefits of our approaches and become academic leaders locally and beyond. I’m also overjoyed to be joining a community that makes character education and global citizenship central institutional elements and we will continue important conversations and initiatives regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion because there is always room for growth and greater understanding.


Whether you are a current member of our community or a prospective family looking for a new school, I look forward to getting to know you and building ties within our schools and local communities.


Take care and go Huskies!


Amy Hollinger

Head of Schools

Rolling Hills Prep, Renaissance, and REACH

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