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REACH is an independent elementary and middle school designed for students with learning differences and academic or social challenges. At REACH, we appreciate the unique talents and learning styles of each child, and craft an individual program for each student. Our goal at REACH is for students to become confident and successful, and to discover a lifetime love of learning!

REACH Elementary School opened its doors in September 2019 with ten students from grades 2-5. REACH’s program is carefully designed to meet the needs of students who have academic and/or social challenges while offering an independent school experience. 

REACH Middle School is the natural extension for students who could benefit from continuing into the middle school grades in a supportive, guided learning environment similar to REACH Elementary. Each student has a tailored program designed specifically for him or her. This includes remediation or acceleration through small group work and educational therapy, intertwined with a stimulating core curriculum.

A Letter From Our Head of School 

Welcome to Rolling Hills Prep, REACH and Renaissance Schools! As you can tell by our name, we are three schools in one learning community with a focus on providing the right fit education for our students. At our schools we are redefining the “prep school” experience. Our community is based on replacing pressure with personal and academic empowerment. We change mindsets from, “I can’t learn that” to “I haven’t learned that yet.” Our educational environment is small by design, it promotes intellectual bravery and allows us to connect with each student on a deeper level. We are intently focused on identifying the unique potential in every student and supporting them in realizing the full range of their talents.We take pride in embracing elements of individualized learning that empower and support a broad range of students from first grade to twelfth grade. 


Our “small by design” environment allows us to instill self- advocacy in our students, as well as foster an environment where it is safe to work outside of one’s comfort zone.  Two of our schools specialize in educating neurodiverse students and setting them up for success not only in the classroom but also outside of the school environment. We offer programs and curriculum that are geared towards helping these students grow as diverse learners and members of the community. In addition, we are a college preparatory school that focuses on the “right fit” colleges for all of our graduates. With the guidance of our senior advisors and college counselors, students receive support starting in ninth grade through the college application process and beyond. 


For 42 years since the school was founded in 1981, we have continued to uphold the Four Pillars of Disciplined Minds, Sound Character, Healthy Bodies, and Creative Spirits. Embedded into every aspect of our school, we aspire for each student that steps onto our campus to live out these learning expectations. If our vision interests and inspires you, I encourage you and your family to visit our school and experience the liveliness that make up Rolling Hills Prep, REACH and Renaissance Schools. Whether you are a current member of our community or a prospective family looking for a new school, I look forward to getting to know you and building ties within our schools and local communities.


Go Huskies!


Amy Hollinger

Head of Schools

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