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REACH is an independent elementary and middle school designed for students with learning differences and academic or social challenges. At REACH, we appreciate the unique talents and learning styles of each child, and craft an individual program for each student. Our goal at REACH is for students to become confident and successful, and to discover a lifetime love of learning!

REACH Elementary School opened its doors in September 2019 with ten students from grades 2-5. REACH’s program is carefully designed to meet the needs of students who have academic and/or social challenges while offering an independent school experience. 

REACH Middle School is the natural extension for students who could benefit from continuing into the middle school grades in a supportive, guided learning environment similar to REACH Elementary. Each student has a tailored program designed specifically for him or her. This includes remediation or acceleration through small group work and educational therapy, intertwined with a stimulating core curriculum.

A Letter From Our Head of School 

Welcome to REACH!


As Renaissance School celebrates 15 years of meeting the needs of bright students who learn differently, we are thrilled to extend our mission to a younger population at REACH School. REACH provides an opportunity for students to get the remediation and the support they need in order to succeed in and out of the classroom. We are hopeful that with this success, students who have two to three years at the school will be able to matriculate into Renaissance School after a successful application process.


I truly hope you explore the opportunities available at REACH for your bright student who may not be succeeding in their current educational settings. We hope to see you visiting soon,

All the Best, 

David Maher

Head of Schools